About Us

Omega Pharma is one of GMP certified manufacturer of animal health products located in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. We develop a broad choice of anti-infective, anti-parasitic drugs, feed additives, and a complete range of pharmaceutical specialty products lie in the quality for livestock and aquaculture. We aim to improve the overall growth, health and well-being of your animals through our product solutions. In particular, we produce high quality injections, water soluble, probiotics and feed additives using in Aquaculture and Veterinary.



To become the “Vietnamese Belief” symbol in animal pharmaceutical production field in Asia as well as the global market.


Omega Pharma provides for the livestock farming community in Vietnam and in the world the best animal pharmaceutical products with the responsibility, conscience, and respect.


“Build the relationship by the respect” We put all of our effort to make customer satisfaction by striving to support and put our customers first. Our partners are always working towards building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

These relationships are maintained, diversity and specify product, our respect, and transparency. By having a fit vision, Omega Pharma is able to improve the animal health across the globe.


Integrity and Ethical
Customer First
Quality and safety Products
Social Responsibility