GMP/ISO 9001 Certified Plant

Our production manufacture complies with GMP-WHO (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO 9001, which guarantees quality and a controlled process that allows us to ensure the quality of our products in a wide range of veterinary specialties for poultry, cattle, swine and other animal species. By following GMP-WHO and ISO 9001 standards, we guarantee to offer all of our client high quality products and safe for animal health.


At OMEGA PHARMA, we’re focused on innovation. It’s the backbone of our industry and the path to tomorrow’s breakthrough products.
“Tackling global challenges with innovation”
Based on the global dynamic change, we aim to offer products that are more than just effective tools for the treatment and control of the animal disease. And because our customers come first, we strive to develop products that help improve the health of animals overall, and that benefit their owners as well.
To help ensure creativity, accountability, and quality in meeting those needs, we employ the best scientists and pharmaceutical product developers and structure our research and development process into four stages:


Identifying products or technologies that could be applied to unmet or under-met customer needs. Always stand stage 2 in the business cycle


Designing a specific formulation, assessing safety, proving efficacy, defining dosages, and developing an efficient manufacturing process.


Conducting definitive studies on product efficacy and effectiveness, animal safety, human safety, and environmental toxicology, and providing other required information (such as product stability studies) to meet regulatory requirements.


Providing in-depth technical support for customers, partners or regulators, while continuing to evaluate new and better uses for products and translating learnings from customers back into the R&D process.


The Quality Control & Assurance process in the production of OMEGA PHARMA

  • Sampling and testing of all incoming materials (raw and packaging materials etc), intermediate and finished products so as to be released or rejected
  • In-process controls in all stages of the manufacturing process
  • Validation of analytical methods, manufacturing and cleaning processes etc.
  • Stability study of finished products
  • Validation of instruments and equipment
  • Installation/ Operational/ Performance Qualification of instruments and equipment
  • Calibration of instruments
  • Environmental control (mainly of clean areas)
  • Suppliers’ evaluation
  • Customer services of analyzing nutritional raw materials and feeding stuffs
  • Assurance that the Company adheres to the established Quality Systems (GMP-WHO, ISO 9001:2000 for nutritional products)